Your complete guide to Vegas!

You’ll spot it in plenty of time before you touchdown, glimmering in the distance, a modern, shining oasis in the Nevada desert. There it will be waiting for you, Las Vegas, home of global gambling, former playground of the mob and a regular haunt of Elvis Presley and the Rat Pack.


After touching down at McCarran International, you will be ferried into the bustling mouth of the city where you will be confronted with neon lights and packed crowds. Finding your way around without a comprehensive guide can be daunting, so preparation is everything.


If you’re busy planning your trip to Las Vegas, the following guide will be key to making your visit a memorable one.




Airfares to Las Vegas are quite often cheaper than you would think, although that saving is often counterbalanced by the cost of accommodation, especially if you are hoping to stay as close to the strip as possible.


When it comes to Sin City accommodation you really only have two options…


Close to the action


If you want to roll out of bed and find yourself in a glamorous casino in just a few short minutes, you’ll have to book a hotel in the strip. Fortunately, the vast majority of casinos on the strip come equipped with their own luxurious hotel suites.


Unfortunately, though, they are quite pricey. A standard room in most casino hotel suites on the strip can cost anywhere from $130 to $240 a night. If that’s beyond your budget perhaps consider staying…


Away from the action


If proximity is less important than cost, you can always find great accommodation at great prices away from the Las Vegas strip. The Desert Paradise Resort is just 3 miles away from the main strip and has considerably cheaper room rates.


For $86 a night you can get a more than comfortable room in this idyllic resort and still avail of the attractions that Sin City has to offer, such as…



Las Vegas is famous for many things, but the main draw to domestic and foreign tourists is the world-class selection of gambling facilities. Sin City is home to the most famous and prestigious casinos on the planet. Here is just a small selection of casinos that you have to visit on your trip to the strip.


The Venetian


This casino was opened by gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson in 1999 and is still one of the most popular venues in the city. The Venetian’s design is based on the semi-aquatic Italian city of Venice and offers guests the chance to take Gondola rides on its internal canal system.


Gambling-wise The Venetian is perhaps most well-known for its poker facilities which dwarf its competitors in terms of size and prestige.



The Bellagio


Opened just one year before The Venetian, The Bellagio is another Las Vegas casino that must be seen to be believed. Every evening hordes of tourists gather outside to watch the dazzling fountain show that has been featured in a series of TV and movie productions.


Inside you will find some of the most modern and cutting-edge gambling technology in the city, all of which is flanked by stunning internal decor and architecture. If you find yourself in New Jersey before heading over to Vegas, sharpen your skills on an NJ online casino while in the state so you can be prepared when The Bellagio in Vegas inevitably takes your breath away.



Gambling is a hungry pursuit that will have you working up an appetite in no time at all. Fortunately, Vegas has your every culinary whim covered with a tremendous selection of restaurants and eateries. Feeling hungry now? Well, you’ll be positively starving after reading about these refueling spots…


Bardot Brasserie


Let world-renowned chef Michael Mina scintillate your taste buds with his unique take on culinary classics from all over the planet. Feeling peckish in the morning? Take your pick of a modern brunch or a continental European classic.


Gordon Ramsay Steak


Foul-mouthed British chef Gordon Ramsay rose to prominence in the USA when his Kitchen Nightmares show became a nationwide hit. You can visit his restaurant in Las Vegas to put his culinary expertise to the test. Try the seared Japanese kobe or the gloriously succulent roast beef wellington.




Las Vegas may well be the gambling centre of the world, but it is also a place of outstanding natural beauty away from the strip. After just a few days in the casinos, the bright neon lights of the strip will be seared onto your eyelids when you go to sleep at night.


Need to refresh and get away from it all for a day? Check out these amazing tourist destinations.


Kayak the Colorado River


40 minutes away from the main strip is the stunning blue nirvana of the Colorado River that joins up with the Hoover Dam. All-day kayaking tours that take in the pristine blue waters and jaw-dropping underground dam structures start from as little as $165 per person.


Circle the Grand Canyon


You can visit the Grand Canyon on foot and enjoy the stunning landscape for far less than enjoying it from the air, but… A helicopter tour is an ultimate way to experience the beauty and majesty of the Grand Canyon. High-season prices start at around $300, but you can get a cheaper quote if you visit out of season.


The final word


Above is just a small selection of possible venues and activities to visit and enjoy during your trip to Las Vegas. To make the most out of your visit, put in the hours researching everything that Sin City has to offer.

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