Young Brexiteer demands Parliament ‘get act together’ and deliver Brexit in furious rant


Brexiteer and campaigner Darren Grimes condemned MPs who have shown that they had no intention of implementing the 2016 referendum decision if it was Leave. In an interview with Mr Grimes added that as a result, these desperate times require desperate measures to end the Brexit standstill. He said: “In 2016 Parliament gave this decision to the British people in an in-out referendum and told them time and time again, and in a 9 million pound government and Parliament would implement what they decide.

“They have quite clearly made it crystal clear that they have never had an intention of delivering on that, which was the biggest democratic mandate in British electoral history.

“So I think actually desperate times call for desperate measures.

“If Parliaments not going to get its act together, they could have voted for Theresa May’s deal three times.

‘I didn’t think it was the best deal in the world but they could have done that, they chose not to.

“Therefore no deal is the only viable alternative.”


This sentiment of frustration is felt by Brexiteers across the country as DUP leader Arlene Foster also took aim at disrupting MPs.

She said: “We are very focused on what needs to be done, we need to deliver Brexit, we need to strengthen the Union and we need to also deliver devotion here in Northern Ireland, those are the three things I am very focused on.

“The people in the United Kingdom spoke in 2016, they spoke in a very clear way, and therefore, that should be respected.

“Those people who are trying to stop that referendum result, need to look at themselves and ask themselves, are they true democrats?”

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“But, I think it’s well worth having discussions with everybody across the House because, you rightly identify the problem, which is there is probably lurking there, still a majority of MPs who don’t want to have a no-deal exit.

“But, the issue is can we get all of those MPs to agree on some alternative proposition, and if that doesn’t happen we will have a no-deal exit on October 31 because that only requires inaction for it to happen.”

He continued: “You are not going to get people to vote for any mechanism of that or any other until they know what the end game is. What is the thing they can all agree would happen instead of leaving on October 31?

“I have to say at the moment I am not terribly optimistic about all this because I don’t see emerging an agreement on that.”



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