'You want to STOP Brexit!' Piers Morgan EXPLODES at Campbell in furious row 'You LOST!'


ITV viewers took to Twitter to comment on the discussion with their opinions. 

One said: “Is it wrong that I’m actually finding this @piersmorgan and #alistaircampbell interview entertaining??? #GMB @GMB” 

“The f**k is happening  #Gmb,” someone else commented. 

A third remarked: “Its like watching two drunks in Wetherspoons; Arguing about Brexit, shouting at each other and offering each other out for a fight……#GMB.” 

““This is like talking to a child” #GMB @campbellclaret @piersmorgan Painful having to watch Piers bully, talk over everyone, jab his pen and joke about taking someone’s life. Idiot. Turned over to @mrdanwalker,” a tweet read. 

“@piersmorgan vs Campbell. What is going on @GMB #gmb,” one wrote. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekday mornings at 6am on ITV. 


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