You can 'dodge' airport liquid rules and take more toiletries with 'easiest' packing tip


Hand luggage rules pertain to more than just those set out by your airline, but also include strict security rules set out by airports, airlines and the Government.

One of the most prominent of these is the liquids rule, first introduced at airports around the world in 2006. This liquid rule can make it difficult to fit everything you need into your bag, especially if you want to travel with hand luggage only and avoid the cost of checked luggage.

The current 100ml limit on liquids allowed through airport security is set to be relaxed in the UK in 2024, with some airports already supplied with technology that means passengers don’t need to remove liquids from their bags.

However, for the time being, many UK airports are still enforcing the liquid rules. And, it’s unclear how many other countries around the globe will follow suit with relaxing liquid rules.

But, one way you can slim down your plastic bag of liquids is by opting for solid toiletries.

Randall Higgins, a pharmacist and skincare specialist, who is part of the medical review team at Good Glow, explained to “Remember those moments fumbling for tiny liquid containers at airport security? With solid toiletries, those days are long gone. They gracefully dodge the 100ml fluid restrictions, making your security check a breeze.”

These products are exactly as the name suggests: Toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, face wash and even sunscreen that are presented in a solid form and therefore do not count towards your liquids allowance. As an added bonus, many of these products are also sustainable and better for the environment than their liquid counterparts.

Founder and CEO of Little Soap Company, Emma Heathcote-James, told “Swapping your plastic, liquid-filled toiletries for solid alternatives is not only the easiest way to beat the 100ml liquid hand luggage rule but is one of the simplest sustainable swaps you can make that will have a significant positive impact on the environment.

“Switching to solid, plastic-free toiletries helps to reduce your plastic waste, save water wastage, reduce carbon emissions, all while saving space and saving you money!”

And, as some of the products we’ve sourced in the list below prove, solid toiletries don’t need to break the bank.


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