'Women have paid in and pensions have been STOLEN' Chris Kamara outrage at WASPI scandal


Football commentator Chris Karma joined Jeremy Vine in the studio this morning to discuss his Christmas album, but it was his outrage for the WASPI scandal that got the biggest reaction as he claimed women have had their pensions “taken away from them”. Viewers called Kamara a great advocate for women after he expressed his views. 

Today’s show focused on women who have lost years of state pension after their retirement age and Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to help. However it is going to cost the taxpayer £58billion. 

Jeremy took a call from a woman named Angela from Manchester and asked: “So how much have you lost Angela.”

Angela replied: “It is going to average around £38,000-a-year by the age of 66, which is a huge amount of money.”

Jeremy asked: “Are you in your 60’s now?” and Angela quickly revealed she is 63 years-old.

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Jeremy addressed Angela: “There we go Angela we have the backing of Chris.”

Angela interrupted: “Well that’s the backbone of this entire argument is that I didn’t know.”

Earlier in the show Jeremy spoke to Louise Cooper, who told the host: “The vast majority of women affected are wealthy. You must remember that women live longer than men and yet we’ve retired five years earlier. That is not fair!”

She continued: “If you look at the money that men put into the system relative to the money women put into the system, it’s grossly unfair on men.


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