Why a Dannunzio Piece is the Perfect Expression Of Love


    For thousands of years, people have expressed their love with gifts of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. When craftsmen create fine jewelry beautiful enough to draw every eye, and permanent enough to stand the test of time, they can embody love’s most desirable qualities. 

    Artie Dannunzio is one of those rare artisans. Through his work, he combines quality, innovation, tradition, and over four decades in the jewelry industry to bring to the world those rare pieces that allow true love to take shape.

    Dannunzio’s pieces bring a legacy of quality that stands the test of time

    Having been founded in 1955, Dannunzio’s legacy of quality spans over half a century. As a boy, Dannunzio remembers bending over the shoulders of both his father and grandfather to watch them carve wax models for one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

    “My father and grandfather were true craftsmen,” Dannunzio recalls, “though much of what they did then is a lost art today. They worked before an era of machinery enabled people to deliver overnight results.”

    Dannunzio started helping his father at age 14 by making coffee runs, taking deliveries to the post office, and sweeping the shop before he began working full-time at 17. He may have been the owner’s son, but that wasn’t going to earn him an office with his name on the door. Like everyone else, his jewelry-making journey started at the bottom, and he worked through every department of the factory until he finally reached his goal of model-making.

    “The design process has always captivated me,” Dannunzio reflects. “My family’s attention to quality and finish set them apart. For example, they could purchase pre-twisted metal wire, but they never did. Everything was done by hand to ensure every piece achieved that extra level above industry standards. Watching them captivated me and drove me to do the same throughout my journey with them and beyond. In the 40 years I’ve owned the business, I continue to favor the craftsmanship achievable through handwork over the generic convenience of manufactured settings.”

    Innovation ensures that Dannunzio pieces stand out

    When Dannunzio took the reins of his family’s business 40 years ago, he was committed to upholding his family’s tradition of quality. However, he brought with him a passion for innovation that was every bit as strong. 

    “For years, I thought about how to create something entirely different,” Dannunzio remembers. “In the jewelry industry, you can twist, bend, and curl metal. You can adorn it with diamonds of varying shapes, but very little in the way of design has not been replicated.”

    Dannunzio’s drive to design something eye-catching and unique didn’t allow him to rest on his family’s laurels. In an industry dominated by tradition and imitation, he sought a new path forward. 

    “The challenge was intimidating,” Dannunzio admits. “Maintaining decades of tradition while trying to be recognized as a luxury jewelry brand with something new to offer felt like a mountain to climb.”

    The culmination of Dannunzio’s dream of design innovation is finally embodied in the Mirror Collection. His patents, registered in over 70 countries, are some of the world’s few patents in jewelry design. Jewelry patents for features such as clasps and watch mechanisms are common, but patents for design innovations are virtually nonexistent.

    “Our exclusive mirror effect is like nothing else in the industry,” Dannunzio explains. “I’ve worked on this assembly process for over 15 years, and it’s the best way to present the luster of a natural diamond in its full form. We painstakingly assemble each piece with an inner mirror of polished gold. With the diamond suspended directly above the mirror, light refracts through and around every part of the gem and features every facet of its beauty. The design magnifies and maximizes the stone’s brilliance in such a unique way that industry professionals have difficulty determining its actual size.”

    Looking closely at a piece in the mirror collection reveals the central diamond floats above a hidden mirror. “I am careful to innovate and honor craftsmanship in equal measure,” says Dannunzio. “While the diamond centerpieces in this collection flash and sparkle in an utterly unique way, I set them within shapes and styles that pay homage to traditional jewelry design.”

    Every creation in the Mirror Collection represents a labor of love and a work of art, as Dannunzio’s patented assembly process requires over two months of painstaking effort. “When I see someone immersing themselves in a diamond’s beauty from every angle, all the work behind that piece becomes worthwhile,” he remarks. “I want to share this innovation with as many people as possible because the visual impact isn’t a story you can tell — it’s an experience.”

    While Dannunzio lives and breathes innovation, he isn’t out to challenge the industry. “My mission for decades has been to respect our industry’s heritage of craftsmanship with original designs that show the world something unexpected,” he adds. “True invention happens when people are brave enough to do things differently. Challenging the status quo in any sector brings pushback, but the fight is well worth it. When the dust clears, you see that you’ve given the world something new and fresh that people love.”


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