UK weather forecast: Travel chaos ahead as Met Office issues yellow weather warning


Humidity will lead to low cloud, mist and murkier weather across parts of Northeast and southern Scotland where there will be heavy thundershowers first thing as the Met Office issues a yellow weather warning. Met Office Meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Northern Ireland will as well be affected with a thunderstorm warning in force. “We say goodbye to heavy rain for East Anglia which will clear away slowly through the morning on Saturday.

“But even once that’s out of the way, showers will quickly develop and in many places it’s the case of sunny spells and showers for Saturday.”

The east of Scotland will see a lot of cloud cover through to the Midlands where they will see slow-moving showers and thunderstorms.

Areas that will miss the downpours will instead experience sunshine, warmth and humidity.

In the evening, showers will remain in eastern Scotland and northeast England.

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However, Saturday afternoon and into the evening will be largely dry and clear in the west with clear air which will spread across the whole country.

Mr McGivern continued: “Temperatures are just a smidge lower compared to Friday night’s temperatures but it’s still relatively warm and muggy overnight.

“One or two showers return into western Scotland and Northern Ireland by the end of the night but actually for many Sunday is a little quieter.

“We’ve got a brief ridge of high pressure moving in ahead of this weather front that’s going to push in across western Scotland later on Sunday and that will be an increasing feature of our weather into the start of next week.”

Sunday morning will be pleasant across most the UK with eastern Scotland and England remaining fine and dry.

Temperatures will rise to 21C (71F) but will not be as hot as Saturday.

However, later on in the day the cloud will thicken leading to rain and stronger winds.

Next week could see temperatures hit as high as 29C (85F) as a jet stream starts to push north of the UK drawing in hot air.


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