UK weather forecast: Britons to rocket back into summer as temperatures will reach 69F


The persistent rain from this week is likely to dry as only a few showers will hit on Sunday, according to the Met Office. Low pressure and winds will keep temperatures fairly cool in the north England and Scotland. Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said: “Another day of sunny spells and scattered showers.

“Although some of those showers may well merge into longer spells of rain for a time for some of us.

“An area of low pressure to the northwest of the UK maintaining these showers as some longer spells rain being pushed in from the West.

“It’s going to be windier and we will notice that today.

“First thing this morning we’ve got a band of more persistent rain across northern Scotland that’s been there for much of the night.

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“Much of Scotland will be dry and fine just an isolated an shower first thing in the morning.

“In Wales and the West Country it’s a much cloudier picture with more in the way of rain here.”

Rain in the Southwest area will fade through the morning.

There are risks of a thunderstorm brewing in the north.

Mr Partridge added: “The Southwest turns wetter as we head through the afternoon with some persistent and locally heavier bursts in there at times.

“Elsewhere the UK is generally a day of sunshine and showers most frequent up towards Northwest Northern Ireland and western Scotland.

“There’s a risk of a rumble of thunder as well.

“We could see in those sunny spells temperatures of 20 or 21 but with the brisk breeze from the southwest it may feel a couple of degrees cooler than that when you’re actually out and about.”


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