TV This Morning: ‘We all watched you’ Distracted Holly Willoughby caught out by Phillip


On today’s This Morning, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby discussed whether phone callers were being “unreasonable” with Vanessa Feltz. However, it seemed Holly was distracted by a small pumpkin while completing the segment. 

Vanessa debated family issues with concerned callers while Holly grabbed on to a small pumpkin which was placed on a decorative dish in front of her.

Phillip noticed the moment and looked over at her with a puzzled look. 

As the segment came to an end, Phillip couldn’t wait a moment longer and asked Holly what she was doing with the tiny pumpkin. 

Taking a moment of pause, Holly stared at it for a few seconds before she said: “Isn’t it really nice?” 

“We all watched you take it,” he continued as an embarrassed Holly couldn’t stop her giggles. 

Holly then tried to discreetly hide the pumpkin and joked: “What pumpkin? Nothing.”

“They didn’t see anything here,” Holly added while she and Phillip looked at the pumpkin she tossed on the floor. 

She was still keen on the pumpkin as she hoped that “it better still be perfect” despite being thrown around.

Just before putting viewers through a break, she yelled: “Thats’s mine.” 

She was seen getting out of her seat and heading to pick the pumpkin before the advert came on. 

That’s not all as the team were still discussing the whole affair after the break.

A clip was shown of Holly taking the pumpkin when she sat next to Phillip


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