Travel expert shares the five most ‘inconsiderate’ things tourists can do at a hotel

Nicky Kelvin, head of the Points Guy UK, shared some of his biggest hotel bugbears exclusively with He said some tourists might not realise how “rude” their behaviour comes across.

Pushing in the buffet queue

Nicky said: “It can be rather annoying to wait patiently for your turn to plate up food only for another guest to push into the queue. It’s rather rude and unfair on others that have been waiting their turn.

“It’s totally avoidable, simply come down to the restaurant a little earlier and ensure you’re first in line.”

Buffet restaurants can get very busy at all-inclusive restaurants but tourists could try eating outside of peak time to avoid the queue.

It’s never acceptable to push in the queue and hotels will keep stocking up so there should be no competition over the last pancake.

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Leaving kids to run riot

Nicky said: “It’s great to have your family on your holiday but when children are left to their own devices it can cause upset for other guests and may even be dangerous for them.

“Nobody wants to be disturbed by kids on a ‘knock and run’ mission so keep the children in order when appropriate.”

Many all-inclusive hotels have children’s clubs or kids activities if parents want a break from babysitting.

It’s not a good idea to let children run riot as it could be dangerous and they should always be supervised.

Hogging chairs by the pool

Nicky said: “The British urge to wake up early and secure a sun lounger by the poolside seems pretty cool for the most part but imagine not having an opportunity to spend some time lounging in the sun because a family has hogged chairs from 6am?

“It can be quite inconsiderate and inefficient because it often means a pool chair is occupied for a whole day but in fact only used for a small fraction of time. It’s fair to use the chairs while you’re there and then leave it available for someone else to use after.”

Hogging sun loungers can be really annoying for other guests who don’t get a chance to sit by the pool.

Some hotels will even move holidaymakers’ towels if they leave them unattended for too long.

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Playing loud music

Nicky said: “It’s inappropriate and unfair to use loud devices in communal areas. The best suggestion is to invest in noise cancelling headphones so you can enjoy your music as loud as you wish, plus guests and hotel staff would greatly appreciate it.”

Watching TikTok videos out loud or playing loud music can be really irritating to other guests who want to relax.

Britons who are looking for a party atmosphere could choose a hotel that plays music during the day.

If playing loud music is very important, tourists could try staying at a self-catered villa instead.

Checking out late without confirming

Nicky said: “Needing to spend more time in a room is a common problem and very relatable, however this can be a major inconvenience to the hotel if they have already secured a booking right after you.

“A lot of preparation goes into ensuring rooms are occupant ready so it’s important to leave by the agreed time.

“It’s much easier to ask for a late checkout and more often than not, staff are happy to accommodate a bit more time.”

Hotel staff will usually let guests leave their bags by reception if they want more time to enjoy the hotel after check-out.

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