Travel airport security rules to end: Boris Johnson okays 100ml liquids and laptops


Airport security has been strict surrounding liquids and laptops for 13 years.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled the plans.

Thanks to 3D cabin baggage technology it will not be necessary to take liquids in 100ml bottles out at security, an irritating precaution for rushed travellers.

Now you will be able to take liquids like water bottles through with you.

This is likely to speed up the security system, a relief for airline passengers.

When will the changes come into a effect?

All airports will be required to have the 3D security technology but December 2022.

Heathrow has said: “We are home to the largest aviation network in Europe, with millions of people passing through our airports every year for work, holidays and family visits.

“We’re set to streamline those trips with the rollout of this ground-breaking technology – cutting down hassle for travellers and improving security measures.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps added: “The new screening equipment will improve security and make the experience smoother and less stressful for passengers.

“It could also mean an end to passengers having to use plastic bags or rationing what they take away with them.”

Hand luggage rules can vary from airline to airline.

For example, easyJet allowed a cabin bag of 56x45x25cm maximum, including any handles and wheels.

Ryanair allow a small bag which must fit under the seat in front of you, and you must pay for a 10kg check-in wheelie bag.

However, there are packing tricks that can help you beat the hand luggage rules.

Rebecca Jackson, Marketing Manager at Perfect Stays, has shared her advice on packing for short breaks.

She has explained how to avoid packing the items you simply do not need – and the trick is to lay everything out first and assess.

“Regardless of your destination and how you’re getting there, first create a checklist of everything you think you need,” said Jackson.

“Grab these items and lay them out in front of you. This will allow you to ‘see’ everything and encourage sensible decisions, avoiding unnecessary items being packed.”


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