Tory SHOWDOWN: Race for next PM down to TWO clear contenders – ‘ONLY they can do it’


Last week, Theresa May announced her decision to step down from the party which has led to former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson becoming the frontrunner to take her place. Michael Gove has emerged as the second most serious contender in the race to be Prime Minister, according to The Sun, despite angering Tory members in 2016 by withdrawing his support for Mr Johnson. One former Cabinet Minister insisted it is now a race between only Mr Gove and Mr Johnson for the leadership of the party.

Speaking to The Sun, the minister said: “The first thing the new PM will have to do is ask for an extension.

“Only Boris or Gove could carry that off.

“Everyone now believes it will be Boris against Michael – the contest really that we should have had 3 years ago.

“It’s like time has stood still.”

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One Conservative Home poll announced Mr Johnson as the overwhelming favourite with 33 percent of the vote.

The same poll, however, put Mr Gove close behind Dominic Raab who was once a challenger to the former Foreign Secretary.

The Environment Secretary has apparently capitalised on a series of mistakes by Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Hunt upset MPs within the party by publicising his call for Mrs May to step down last week.

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Moreover, Eurosceptic Tories were incensed after the MP flip-flopped on Brexit by branding a no deal a “political suicide”.

Vice-chair of the European Research Group, Mark Francois said: “What the ConHome poll shows as plain as a pike staff, is that our party members are not going to elect as Prime Minister anyone who voted for Remain in 2016.

“After everything they have been through over the last few years they are going to pick a Brexiteer and for the Remainers it is already all over.”

There are currently 11 candidates for the leadership of the party after James Cleverly announced his campaign earlier this week.


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