This flight attendant-approved travel item could save you hundreds on coffee


Coffee lovers are set to save some precious travel money while away thanks to a tip shared by a flight attendant.

The woman, who works for a “major US carrier” and goes by the userename michellee48b2133e7, shared with Buzzfeed how useful a collapsible travel kettle can be.

Along with her travel kettle, she uses a travel French press mug and her favourite grinds to achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

She wrote: “For saving some $$$ on coffee while on the road, I’ve bought a collapsible travel kettle from Amazon and a travel French press mug and made fresh coffee in my room.

“Just fill a sandwich bag up with the grinds you desire; I use a foldable flask by Vapur to hold the creamer I like.

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“The kettle comes in different uses to make tea, oatmeal, and ramen as a backup food option.”

In the UK, Amazon sells a mini travel kettle with a separable power cord for as little as £10.91.

French press travel mugs are also available on the site and range from an affordable £11.26 to £119.36 for a BruTrek model with a spill-proof threaded lid and laser-welded aluminium handle.

With Black Friday just around the corner on November 24, there are plenty of hotel, holiday and flight deals up for grabs.

But how can holidaymakers secure the best deal? A travel expert has shared their top tips for snatching a Black Friday bargain.

Shahab Siddiqui, founder of, said: “Black Friday can be a great way to save a lot of money on flights and other travel expenses such as hotels and car hires.

“It’s important to be prepared for when the discounts start coming in to make sure you’re actually getting the lowest price possible.

“Before confirming your booking, watch out for hidden fees such as specific seat reservations and inflight entertainment.”


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