The Walking Dead season 10: ‘Why I’m still here’ Negan star spills on new storyline


The Walking Dead’s famous villain Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was almost killed off in the season eight finale after he came head-to-head with rival Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the survivors.

However, fans will remember he was spared by Rick Grimes who didn’t want any more blood on his hands and instead locked him up, with the first season ten trailer revealing he will be under close supervision of Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand).

The Saviours leader is set to have a little more freedom in the next outing of the AMC hit, which the Negan actor has warned could spell trouble.

On Sunday’s Walking Dead Season 10 Preview special, Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased his unpredictable character will surprise fans in way they won’t be prepared for.

Jeffrey teased: “It’s gonna be a really busy year for Negan. He’s been allowed to have a little bit of freedom within the community, and that doesn’t mean a lot, other than the fact that if you think about the fact Negan has been in jail,”

“Now he’s out, and he’s kind of amongst the community. Meanwhile he’s on lockdown at night, so he still sleeps in his jail cell, which I think he’s okay with. But yeah, he’s getting more and more freedom, and with that comes more interactions with some of our favorite actors on this show.”

With Negan’s increasing freedom spell trouble for the survivors?

Fans can only hope his increasing interactions with fan-favourites doesn’t end in any more character deaths, the Survivors have already been shaken by numerous shock deaths at the hands of the whisperers in the season nine finale.

“He’s going to surprise you in ways that you’re not gonna be ready for as an audience,” added Morgan.

“Whether that be good things or downright awful things, that’s the beauty of him.

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“You don’t know what you’re gonna get. That’s why I’m still here, Season 10, as an actor, because how lucky am I?”

Showrunner Angela Kang spoke out about Negan’s character development, after fans were surprised to see Negan save the life of Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) amid a harsh blizzard in the Season nine finale.

The showrunner revealed this plays a pivotal role in his changing character, although there does not seem to be any sign of a redemption arc.

Angela said: “I think we started an arc last year, which was really interesting for him, which Jeffrey really killed.

“…When he saved Judith, that was an unexpected bit of redemption for him. He could have taken the opportunity to try to run, who knows what he could have done, and he kind of acted the hero, which is not necessarily what people would have expected.

“…Negan certainly is not exactly the first person he was when we met him on the show, but that doesn’t mean that element of danger and the dark ways he can think about the world is totally gone.”

Indeed, Negan could be set to take yet another life after a recent image release seemed to reveal the killer’s next victim.

Showrunners recently revealed they will be bringing the comic book character of Brandon Rose to screens next season in an image release showing the pair together.

If the show is anything like the comics this season, it seems Negan’s bad side could resurface with a vengeance.

The Walking Dead returns October 7 on FOX in the UK.


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