The ‘truth’ behind Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne’s viral moment


A reporter on Wednesday revealed what really happened during the viral moment between Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne — which appeared to show the monarch scolding her daughter for snubbing President Trump at Buckingham Palace.

“OK, here goes… Princess Anne: the truth. No, she didn’t snub the Trumps. And she wasn’t told off by the Queen,” tweeted UK Times journalist Valentine Low.

Low said that the Queen, 93, after greeting the president and first lady Melania Trump, turned to Anne, 69, to see which dignitary she would be welcoming next.

“But there wasn’t anyone waiting: Trump was the last leader to be received by the Queen,” tweeted Low.

“Anne raised her hands in the air, laughed and said: ‘It’s just me,’ adding a moment later ‘and this lot’ as she pointed to the members of the household behind her.”

Low said he was citing reporting by Laura Elston of the Press Association, who was at the event marking 70 years of NATO.

Footage of the exchange sparked a flurry of theories among royal watchers, with many saying it looked like the Queen was reprimanding her daughter for failing to greet Trump.

The video showed Anne standing back as the Queen, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, formally welcomed the Trumps and other NATO leaders. The monarch then looked back at her daughter, who appeared to shrug and laugh.

“The shade is reaaaal,” @Sparklyyy1 had noted on Twitter of the Queen’s apparent scolding.

Anne and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, were not part of the official welcome wagon, according to the Daily Mail.

“So, the truth is now out there,” Low tweeted. “Not that anyone will pay any attention. Anne the Trump Snubber is a much better story.”


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