The Trial of Christine Keeler: Fans distracted from drama as they spot huge blunder 'Why!'


The Trial of Christine Keeler tells the story of one of the biggest political scandals from recent history, The Profumo Affair. As the BBC series edges closer to its conclusion, viewers tonight (January 19) saw the trial played out on screen but many were left distracted after they spotted an error with the order of speeches.

Last weekend saw Christine (played by Sophie Cookson) continue to face the music as the trial against John Profumo (Ben Miles) began. 

She had previously decided to flee to Spain after increasing pressure mounting from the press.

Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, has so far gone to great lengths in the BBC drama to keep Christine from exposing what she knew to the papers.

They agreed to a fee of £5,000 to keep Christine quiet about what she knew but things only became more complicated as Profumo upped his methods last week. 

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In an emotional monologue, he said: “I met a man who wasn’t there, he wasn’t there again today.

“I’m sorry I had to do this but it’s really more than I can stand, the horror day after day in the court and on the street.

“It’s not only fear, it’s a wish not to let them get me, I’d rather get themselves, be happy, I tried to do my stuff,” he concluded, before swallowing some pills with whiskey. 

Viewers praised actor James Norton’s performance this evening, saying he “deserved an award” for his portrayal of Stephen.

One viewer said: “If James Norton does not win a Bafta for his performance in #thetrialofchristinekeeler there is no justice, pure brilliance. Take a bow @jginorton.”

“Oh my-wonderful acting @jginorton I’m in bits! #thetrialofchristinekeeler,” praised another. 

A third commented: “@jginorton as Stephen Ward in #thetrialofchristinekeeler deserves an award. With an expression he relayed such dread and a sense of despondency. I must admit my heart broke when he uttered the line “be happy I tried to be”.

“James Norton will forever be one of my favourite actors, he has played stephen ward so well and this scene is so heartbreaking #thetrialofchristinekeeler,” wrote a fourth. 

“So sad. Brilliantly played by James Norton #thetrialofchristinekeeler,” added another. 

The Trial of Christine Keeler concludes next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One 


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