The pretty county that's the UK's best hidden gem but hardly anyone visits


    This pretty county in the UK is said to be one of the best to visit in the UK thanks to its beautiful scenery away from noisy crowds.

    Lanarkshire in Scotland is described as a “hidden gem” perfect for those who love exploring the outdoors.

    It is home to Strathclyde County Park which offers breathtaking views across the Scottish countryside, as well as numerous amenities.

    It sits within beautiful surroundings, lying in the valley of the River Clyde. Located just outside of Glasgow, Lanarkshire is easy to get to and is home to a number of sleepy villages.

    Located in southern Scotland, it is an area waiting to be discovered, with tourists often choosing to visit more popular areas.

    Home to many hidden gems, including two UNESCO world heritage sites and a thriving cultural scene, there is plenty of attractions to visit and sites to immerse yourself in.

    There are an abundance of walking routes in this county, stemming from nature reserves to forests. The oldest forest can be found in natural gorges throughout the Clyde Valley.

    Wildlife enthusiasts can spot tawny owls and woodpeckers in the rolling hills, as well as the famous resident badgers.

    The area is also home to spectacular waterfalls, named the Falls of the Clyde which has its own dedicated walking route in Chatelherault Country Park.

    The county is also flooded in history, with heritage dating back centuries. The Romans mark on Lanarkshire remains, with the Antonine Wall designated a world heritage site in 2008.

    The Antonine Wall was to be the Northern frontier of the Roman Empire in Britain but lasted only around 20 years.

    Another famous world heritage site is New Lanark, which is a unique 18th-century cotton mill village beside the stunning Falls of Clyde.

    For those looking for somewhere to stay, the New Lanark Mill Hotel and Waterhouse cottages offer a chance to stay right in the centre of the village.


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