The One Show: ‘We’re breaking the news’ Alex Jones announces arrival of her new baby


The One Show host Alex Jones has been away from the show since last month in order to prepare for the arrival of her baby.

And this evening she called in, with Matt Baker and her stand-in, Angela Scanlon, delighted to hear that she had given birth to a baby boy.

On the phone she said: “We are now a family of four.”

Alex went on to reveal that she and her husband Charlie Thomson are naming the baby Kit Thompson.

She started by saying her first child, Teddy, had been really gentle with the new addition to the family.

She said: “Teddy has taken to it like a duck to water, being a big brother.”

She then added: “He thinks we are going to call him Thomas after Thomas the Tank Engine.”

However, that wasn’t the name that Alex and her husband chose.

“We’re not actually going to call him Thomas,” she explained. “We are going to call him Kit Thomson.”

This news got a round of applause from Matt, Angela and everybody in the studio.

Gushing about being a mother-of-two, she said: “We’ve had a lovely week just the four of us getting used to being a family of four and introducing him to Teddy, which has been a dream.

“He’s been really gentle with him and he says, ‘Love you baby’,” she added.

After Alex announced the name of her newborn child, Matt said: “Al, we’re sending you all our love from all the family, and it’s lovely to hear your voice.

“We’re missing you,” he added, and Alex replied: “Well, it’s lovely to speak to you. I miss you too.”

“But as you can imagine, hands are quite full here.


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