The heartwarming reason the Queen carries an ironed £5 note with her every Sunday


Her Majesty will only every carry cash with her on the Sabbath and does so in order to donate to her local church. She remains cash free throughout the week and whenever she goes on royal trips across the country. According to The Sun, she attends church every Sunday as part of her role as head of the Church of England.

It is part of her job that the Queen is said to take incredibly seriously.

After services, a collection is held for the church, which the Queen contributes to with her pristine note.

Reports suggest that the Queen gets the note so she can stealthily contribute.

As previously reported, a source said: “She donates to the church collection basket.

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“Her butler irons a five pound note into a little square by folding it until you can only see her face.”

It comes as Michelle Obama was rewarded with a major new title which is higher than the Queen’s.

The former First Lady has been voted the most admired woman in the world while Queen Elizabeth II placed fifth.

Mrs Obama took the top spot from Angelina Jolie, according to YouGov’s annual survey.

Ms Jolie fell to third place behind Oprah Winfrey.

Current First Lady, Melania Trump, joined 2019’s list as she placed 19 out of 20.

Fans of Michelle Obama have flocked to social media to rejoice in her new title which surveyed 42,000 in 41 countries.

One said: “I admire Michelle Obama for many reasons. I fell in love with her when pictures were released of her shopping in Target as First Lady. That is when I knew she is one of us.”


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