The Crown: Gillian Anderson provides Harry and Meghan timeline update 'It'll be finished'


Gillian Anderson, who plays sex therapist Jean Milburn in the hit Netflix comedy Sex Education, has spoken about the planned timespan of The Crown, revealing it won’t bring viewers right up to the present day. Gillian, who will assume the role of Margaret Thatcher in the fourth series, rather upset The One Show host Alex Jones with the news.

In the fourth series of the award-winning The Crown, created by Peter Morgan, Gillian Anderson will don the bluest of blues to play Margaret Thatcher.

Fans are already anticipating the scenes between Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II (played by Olivia Colman).

Even so, that alone isn’t enough to satisfy the appetite for royal drama.

During an interview on The One Show, Gillian shared how the drama was never intended to bring the story of Elizabeth II and The Firm right up to the present day.

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Alex asked Gillian, who is in a relationship with Peter Morgan, whether all the recent news surrounding Harry and Meghan has her excited for later series of The Crown.

The One Show host asked: “We know your partner is the creator of The Crown – are you sitting there thinking, ‘This is going to be amazing for series eight’ All the stuff that’s unfolding.”

As Gillian formed an answer, Alex added another question: “Are you watching it with a slightly different perspective?”

Gillian had some bad news for Alex, as well as other viewers who assumed it would run for decades: “No, because it won’t actually go that far.”

Matt Baker then interjected with a comment about the problem of the show running so close to contemporary events: “That’s fair enough. They can’t really sit that comfortably against modern…”

Alex explained why she was so shocked: “No, I know, but I mean the fact that it’s finishing soon, that’s very depressing for a lot of people.

Gillian sought to reassure that while it would be finishing, it wouldn’t be finishing in the next week or month: “Well, I don’t know soon, soon. It takes a while to make them.”

To try and cheer Alex up, Matt teased the entrance of Gillian’s character: “I mean, Margaret Thatcher has to arrive yet.”


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