The Chase: 'Got what you deserved' Paul Sinha takes SWIPE at contestant over low offer


Paul, 48, was welcomed to the show by The Chase host Bradley Walsh, 58, after the presenter had just completed the first cash builder round with contestant Darren.

The 45-year-old had managed to accumulate £9,000 in his first round on the ITV quiz show and the Sinnerman saw the contestant as a worthy opponent.

After the chaser offered Darren a higher and lower amount of cash, the contestant stuck by his original sum and managed to outrun the Sinnerman.

“At this point in the game I say Darren’s going to need some help but he’s not. Game on!” Paul exclaimed as he got ready to face the rest of the team.

After Christine and Becky also managed to escape the chaser’s grasp, the team were looking in steady position with a jackpot of £22,000.

It was then time for 22-year-old Ben to face Paul as he hoped to add to the team’s success and make it back for the final chase.

Having accumulated a steady sum of cash, Ben faced Paul, with the chaser telling him: “You need to do whatever it takes to get back.

“I don’t expect you to be a coward,” Paul quipped, before offering Ben a top sum of £60,000 and a lower offer of £6,000.

Consulting his team, Ben finally decided to take the lower offer, which didn’t go down too well with viewers watching at home.

Taking to Twitter, one questioned: “Why would you take the minus 6 #thechase,” with another adding: “wow! he actually did it! #thechase.”

Following a series of gains and losses on the table, Ben was eventually caught by the chaser, leaving his fellow three team mates to face the final chase without him.

However, Paul had a few choice words for the contestant.

The chaser told the cocktail bartender: “Ben, you deserved what you got there. You were perfectly happy to take £6,000, which is an awful lot of money, away from the team.

“You actually did very well in your cash builder, but you have three very delighted people behind you because they know they’re going to be playing for a lot more money.”

After Ben’s exit, it was up to the remaining three contestants to try and win the jackpot prize with the odds in their favour as they managed to wrack up 22 points between their jackpot prize and the chaser.

Suffering a few slip-ups, Paul expected his loss as the team managed to defeat him in the final chase, all over-the-moon at their accomplishment.


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