The beautiful city with hardly any tourists despite being home to insanely pretty views


    With many Britons dreaming of a winter getaway to escape the cold and dark December days, they may consider going further afield to the likes of Australia, the Middle East, or South America for some sun.

    Colombia is a hidden gem with a bevvy of picture-perfect towns, villages, and cities that leaves all visitors amazed.

    One small city that appeals to some adventurous travellers is the small city of Ipiales in the south of the country.

    According to blogger Travel Moments, the area is home to a large neo-gothic church known as Las Lajas Sanctuary that next to no tourists visit.

    They wrote: “Said to be built by a family in the 1700s who claimed that they had seen the Virgin Mary in the sky.  It’s off the beaten track, so you won’t find too many tourists here!”

    The stunning church is by far the most popular tourist destination, while still remaining “off the beaten track”.

    One person wrote on TripAdvisor: “It was interesting to see the church and all the plaques people giving thanks. I particularly liked how the rock was incorporated into the interior.

    “I need to note that the path is not narrow – at its most narrow point it’s as wide as a two-lane road – and it’s not particularly steep.”

    Another person said: “The architecture is stunning and it’s in an area of natural beauty so with more time on your hands you can visit the cascades and walk along the river. There is also a cable car to take in the amazing view.”

    The city is also host to one of the most impressive festivals in the country. Known as the Black and White Carnival, it is the city’s way of celebrating its diversity.

    The city is located on a high plateau known as the Tuquerres e Ipiales at a height of just under 3,000 metres.

    Tourists also highlighted the Centro Comercial Gran Plaza and the Yesterday Pub. On the latter, one visitor wrote: “Yesterday Pub. The best place in southern Colombia, it has excellent service from the restaurant.”

    Another person said: “Simply the best bar in Ipiales and Pasto for those of us who like this type of place. The place is cool, the menu is quality and the cocktails are strong, how they should be!”

    The Black and White Festival also received praise, one person proclaimed: “What a phenomenal experience I had in the Nariño district of Colombia. Never have I experienced a district expressing so much imagination, play, friendship and the sharing the joy.

    “I love how respect is given to all people. I loved all the play with the foam spraying and the tagging of paint on the faces of all people. We can learn a great deal from each other and our history. Always remember and never forget the past.”


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