The $120K banana at Art Basel eaten by NY performance artist


Dada, no!

A New York-based performance artist ate the $120,000 banana at the Art Basel exhibition in Miami Beach on Saturday — sending the gallery that sold it into a PR tailspin.

At around 1:45 p.m.  David Datuna made a last supper out of the fruit, er, artwork, the Miami Herald reported.

Datuna pried Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian” — a banana duct-taped to a wall — loose, peeled it open, and then devoured it, footage of the deed shows.

“You’re not supposed to touch the art!” one aghast onlooker shouted, according to one witness, Perrotin Gallery partner Peggy Leboeuf.

The gallery reported the incident to security, but Datuna slipped away, the outlet reported.

Later, he told The Post: “It’s not about the piece. It’s an art performance. Maurizio Cattelan, I love him. One artist eats another artist. It’s fun.”

Datuna added: “The performance name is Hungry Artist.”

The gallery, meanwhile, insisted that the piece lives on.

“He did not destroy the work!” spokesman Lucien Terras told the paper. “The banana is the idea.”

The piece created a stir earlier in the week when a French collector purchased it for $120,000.

“Comedian” became the Instagram darling of the wacky, millionaire-crowded art fair — so popular, that Cattelan promptly created two more works of fruit.


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