Terminally ill mum, 37, desperate to have gothic wedding before she dies


A terminally ill mum has told of how she’s desperate to have her dream gothic wedding before she dies.

Emma Kasher, 37, from County Durham, was given the heart-breaking news that she has less than a year to live three months ago.

But the mum-of-one says she’s determined to have her dream wedding in Lumley Castle despite her illness, reports Chronicle Live.

The plan is for Emma and her fiance Graham Simonelli, 54, to tie the knot on Halloween, which is a very important day her religion, paganism.

Emma has undergone gruelling treatment and with her condition deteriorating rapidly, they want to make sure their dream day comes together on time.

Emma and Graham want to get married on Halloween

Emma was told she has less than a year to live three months ago

“Getting married is very important to me – every relationship I’ve had in my life has been a disaster in one way or another until I met Graham,” she said.

“Meeting him felt like a Cinderella story. I thought I was going to get my happy ever after but it has been cut cruelly short.

“But I’m determined that the time we have left will be full of happiness and I just want one dream day where I’m treated like a princess, one little reward for all the pain I’ve been through.”

Emma, whose son is 14, was training to be a domestic violence councillor and re-homing rescue dogs when she was diagnosed.

“It began in October 2016 when I had ruptured breast implants removed and cancer was discovered,” she said.

“I had surgeries but it spread to my lungs, lymph nodes, spine and coccyx. About three months ago I was told some of the tumours weren’t responding to the treatment.

“All I want is to leave this world with the name of the man I love.”

Emma hopes her big day will come together in time

Emma’s dream wedding is a bit unusual as since she was young, she’s dreamed of a gothic wedding: black dresses; pagan readings; funeral horses.

“I’ve always wanted to have a black wedding at Lumley Castle – it’s such a beautiful place and I’ve always dreamed of getting married there,” she said.

“Halloween would be a dream because it’s important to me as a pagan – it’s the day where the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest.”

Emma and Graham met shortly after he moved to the North East from London.

They bonded over rescue dogs and their friendship quickly turned into a relationship.

The pair had discussed marriage before but decided to accelerate plans when the reality of Emma’s situation became clear.

Emma has always dreamed of having a gothic wedding

Graham, 54, said: “It’s been very traumatic and made life difficult but what I’ve experienced is nothing compared to the pain Emma’s been through.

“Having this to focus on has really helped her and it’s been lovely to see her with a smile on her face again.

“We know we need to do it soon. Her mobility is deteriorating everyday so we just want her to be able to walk down the aisle and maybe even have her first dance.”

The pair are being helped to organise the wedding by Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust.

Founder Mark Solan said: “We’re doing everything we can to try and make Emma’s dream day a reality.

Emma Kasher with her maid of honour Kirsty Gwillym

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“Any help is appreciated – if you or your business can contribute in anyway and help make this happen, please get in touch.

“Lumley Castle have gone above and beyond for us by giving us a discount for the wedding.”

You can contact the charity at info@teamsolan.org.uk.


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