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Wednesday, September 23, 2020


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Driving fines and points may be avoided by motorists by using this new unique app

Drivers can use the new tool to keep track of parking tickets, congestion charges, tax payments and more to ensure road users are...

What to expect from Emmys 2020 and its unique all-virtual production

Jimmy Kimmel will wear a tux and deliver an opening monologue — but those are about the only “normal” parts of Sunday night’s...
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Must Read

Ranked choice voting in Maine a go for presidential election

PORTLAND, Maine — Ranked choice voting will be used for the first time in a presidential race in the US under a ruling...
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Property rental market: How could renting be affected by coronavirus?

Virtual viewings have been introduced in an effort to maintain social distancing standards while searching for a property, meaning potential renters and buyers...

Coronavirus UK: Man in 'plague doctor' outfit seen scaring children

The 'plague doctors' are back! Police probe creepy 17th Century physician...

Swedish health expert blames COVID-19 deaths on mild flu season

Sweden has a high COVID-19 death toll because fewer people were killed off by the flu this year, according to its top infectious...