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Friday, September 25, 2020

law enforcement

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High school football team banned from waving pro-police flag after online backlash

A Florida high school has reportedly prohibited their football team from waving pro-police flags during pre-game ceremonies after critics said the display is...
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China v India: Donald Trump makes fresh offer to forge peace amid growing war tensions

Tensions along the remote Himalayan frontier remain high but military commanders have agreed to take measures to de-escalate the months-long stand-off.Speaking at the...
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Woman charged after driving truck through Breonna Taylor protesters

A Buffalo woman was charged Friday with hitting a cyclist while driving a pickup truck through upstate Breonna Taylor protesters as caught in...

Remains of a prehistoric mastodon that dates back 10,000 found in Colombia

Fossils of a mastodon, a giant prehistoric ancestor of the modern-day elephant, have been discovered in a gold mine in central Colombia.  Miners working...

Cheslin Kolbe ruined England's World Cup dreams and now he's got Exeter Chiefs in his sights

That's the problem with virtual interviews – you never quite know who is listening in.Sixteen-and-a-half minutes into a chat with South African wing Cheslin...