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Monday, September 21, 2020


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Scientists reveal why birds survived impact from giant asteroid that hit earth 66 million years ago

Scientists say birds survived asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years...

Sky TV's JACQUIE BELTRAO and her daughter talk about the impact of a cancer diagnosis

On June 26, the Sky Sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao posted a video message to her 76,000 Twitter followers.In it, she said it felt...
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End of the world: Ancient Viking slab decoding warns of ‘civilisation’s doomsday’

The Rok runestone is one of the most famous ancient slabs in the world and is considered to be the first piece of...
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Bad Bunny performs surprise concert on top of truck driving through NYC

This live concert had a unique obstacle: oncoming traffic. Singer Bad Bunny took to the New York City streets Sunday to put on a...

Meghan Markle is 'cold-calling US voters', says Gloria Steinem 

The Duchess of Sussex has been cold-calling Americans to ask them to vote, Gloria Steinem has revealed.Meghan Markle, 39, has become increasingly politically...

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment: The herbal extract shown to reduce joint swelling

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two most common types of arthritis. Arthritis is a general term for conditions that cause pain and...