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Monday, September 21, 2020


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Shoes that curve up at the toe require less muscle work, study shows

Shoes that curve up at the toe – known as toe springs – require less muscle work, but they can weaken foot muscles...
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First migrants arrive at Kent army barracks converted into asylum seeker 'dispersal facility'

The first migrants have arrived in taxis at an army barracks in Kent which has been converted into a 'dispersal facility'.Around 20 migrants...
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Mother-to-be lost her baby after being thrown from the bonnet of her own car

A woman who was unaware she was pregnant suffered a miscarriage after she was thrown from the bonnet of her own car by...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg successor: Who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court?

Reproductive rights, voting rights, protections from discrimination, the future of criminal justice, the power of the presidency, the rights of immigrants, tax rules...

Trump thinks ‘professional’ Joe Biden will ‘do great’ at first presidential debate

President Trump is expecting Democratic nominee Joe Biden “to do great” when they square off in the first presidential debate next Tuesday. Speaking to...