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Monday, September 21, 2020


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Guy Verhofstadt turns on the EU as he rages at bloc's inaction – 'Get a grip Europe!'

The arch Europhile has urged Brussels to “get a grip” of the situation as EU member states fail to agree on sanctions against...
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‘Dark web cannibal,’ sentenced to 40 years for plotting to rape, eat young girl

A Texas wannabe cannibal from Joaquin, Texas who plotted to kill, rape and devour a teenage girl with what he didn’t realize...
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Will she stand out in history as another great Elizabeth?

In our third exclusive extract from the previously unpublished teenage diaries of Alathea Fitzalan Howard, a lifelong friend of the Queen and Princess...

Who is Nadia Marcinkova, the model-turned-pilot from Epstein flight logs?

A bombshell blond pilot who allegedly started out as Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex slave before morphing into an abuser herself is presumably named...

AI can diagnose Osteoarthritis by analysing cartilage texture 3 years before it starts wearing away

AI can diagnose Osteoarthritis by analysing cartilage texture three years BEFORE...