Sunday Brunch: Tim Lovejoy forced to apologise as guest swears on air 'Not allowed!'


Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer took their usual spots in the Sunday Brunch kitchen this morning as they welcomed The Bletchley Circle star Rachael Stirling onto the Channel 4 show. The presenting duo quizzed Rachael about her upcoming projects as well as her previous onscreen roles but when the conversation turned to how she met husband Guy Garvey, Tim was forced to apologise to viewers as she dropped an explicative.

Elbow frontman Guy and Rachael have been married since 2016 and their first meeting became the topic of discussion on Sunday Brunch.

As Tim probed Rachael for the story of they met, he asked: “Do you mind me asking these questions? Is it personal?”

Rachael seemed resigned to detailing the intricacies of their meeting as she replied: “I mean yes, but never mind.”

The Channel 4 presenter then joked “nobody’s watching,” before Rachel began to tell the story of how she and Guy first met.

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As the conversation continued, Rachael dropped two rather unsavoury words for breakfast time TV forcing Tim to apologise to Channel 4 viewers.

The Sunday Brunch guest went on: “Then we went outside for a f** and I fell over because I was a bit p***** and he picked me up and that was that!“

Before he could voice his opinions on the story, Tim looked to camera and quickly interjected: “Can I just apologise for using that word,”

“We’re not allowed to use that word on television, but it’s fine we get it.”

Rachael quickly apologised before correcting her use of words and describing herself as “merry” instead.

The swearing didn’t bring the entire interview to a halt as the trip continued to cook up one of Simon’s recipes.

Later in the show, Tim and Simon were joined by Celebs Go Dating love gurus Anna Williamson and Paul Carrick Brunson to discuss the upcoming E4 series.

Comedian Joe Pasquale was also in the studio to talk about his part in an upcoming play.

Sunday Brunch continues every Sunday on Channel 4.


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