Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Neil Jones kisses Alex Scott after lively routine


Neil Jones and Alex Scott performed a Cha Cha Cha during tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing and head judge Shirley Ballas was quick to comment on the pair’s “chemistry”. At the end of their routine Neil kissed his partner on the cheek on the BBC show.

The pair quickly got up to rush to Tess Daly and receive their feedback – but it wasn’t all rosy.

Shirley said: “Well you had some energy you had some strong performance to lead forward now you need stronger foot placements you need to have better foot actions because you’re a bit flat in the feet.”

The head judge was booed by the audience for her comments leading her to exclaim: “Hang on, she’s got to learn, hang on a minute.”

She continued: “You’ve got to decide if it’s a bent or a straight leg, we need some more rhythm in the middle and better styling.

“But what I did like is the chemistry you got with him today.”

“@AlexScott loving Alex and Neil, go on girl #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing,” a third wrote.

Another said: “Alex and Neil are so good together though, I love watching her grow in her moves, she’s just my favourite #Strictly.”

“Alex looks fab, like her partnership with Neil, she did well, would have liked her to look up a little more but think she will grow in confidence in the coming weeks #Strictly,” a fifth said.

Another fan said: “Alex and Neil are absolutely my favourites so far & I want them to win #Strictly.”


Earlier in the show, Shirley hit out at the audience after they booed her critique of David James’ Paso Doble.

Unfortunately David and Nadia Bychkova didn’t receive much positive feedback from the judges.

When Tess Daly asked Shirley what she thought of the dance, the head judge offered advice for improvement.

“Let me try and give you some advice as you move forward,” she began. “This Paso Doble is like having a conversation, your conversation is very much…

“Hello, how are you, it’s nice to see you, I’m doing all the steps correctly,” Shirley whispered.

The Strictly judge was interrupted by the audience booing her remarks.

But she hit back: “Give me a minute!”

She continued: “But if you could… put your arms up with intention and give it to some energy. I think you’ll go forward.”

Strictly Come Dancing: The Results airs tomorrow at 7.15pm on BBC One.


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