Six 'simple' checks to make now which could save you £800 on your water bill


    Installing a water meter – £71

    Those living alone or in a small household without a water meter could be paying over the odds for the amount of water they are actually using. This is because the majority of water bills are based on a home’s ‘rateable value’ which doesn’t take into account water usage.

    Ms Shearer said: “If you find the water meter doesn’t save you money, you always have the option to switch back within 12 months, so it’s worth trying out for the potential savings.”

    Running the tap whilst doing the dishes – £25

    Changing small habits, such as leaving the water running while doing the dishes, can help people use significantly less water around the house.

    Ms Shearer added: “If doing the washing up is a boring chore you’d rather not face, then use the dishwasher if you have one. A dishwasher generally uses less water than if you leave the tap running whilst doing the dishes.


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