Scottish beach less than two hours from Glasgow has been compared to the Caribbean

Holidaymakers longing for crystal blue waters and bright sandy coastlines only need to look as far as Scotland. After being named the “most beautiful” in the country, Eoligarry Beach on the Isle of Barra boasts the same unspoiled views, white shoreline, and glistening water found at beaches in the Caribbean. 

The secluded spot is one of many small beaches that are not marked on the map, according to a travel expert at Scotland Less Explored. 

And the idyllic landscape has rightfully earned its place as the “most beautiful” beach in Scotland in a new ranking of the UK’s most eye-catching destinations.

Global travel firm Big 7 released the list of the top 50 places, voting Eoligarry Beach as a must-see for travellers.

While its idyllic landscape is stunning in its own right, the Scottish hotspot has been likened to tropical beaches found miles away in the Caribbean.

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Aleyna Yilmaz, a content writer for Big 7 described the location of the beach as a “remote” spot, which shows just a snippet of the “unspoiled beauty” found across the Isle of Barra.

They wrote: “Save on the plane ticket to the Caribbean islands and find sugary white sand beaches and turquoise waters in Scotland.”

The “secluded” beach is located at the narrow north end of the offshore Isle of Barra within the Outer Hebrides.

And while it is renowned for its natural beauty, Eoligarry is also a hub for viewing wildlife, including crabs, grey seals, sea otters, migratory birds and even the odd shark, according to a travel expert at The Beach Guide.

They said: “The best way to reach Eoligarry Beach on foot and appreciate its magnificent scenery is to walk from Barra Airport across a field leading to the dunes.”

When it comes to visiting the Isle of Barra, travellers are in for a unique experience which involves flying onto the sand.

Just a 75-minute flight from Glasgow Airport, visitors can take the Loganair plane directly onto the sugar-like sand dunes.

The beach is just a three-minute drive from Barra airport, which is known as one of the world’s most distinctive of its kind.

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When it comes to finding things to do at Eoligarry Beach, visitors should be prepared for a quiet retreat.

According to reviews, the undiscovered spot has no lifeguard, amenities or facilities on site, but it is perfect for a family day out to explore the natural wonders of the site.

The Big 7 travel writer said: “There’s so much to fall in love with on this slice of paradise, or “Barra-dise” as the devoted fans of Barra like to call it, but Eoligarry Beach will leave an irrevocable imprint on you.”

One thing the Caribbean look-alike does lack, however, is the weather. Visitors can expect cool temperatures of 8-12C in May and 10-13C in June.

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