Royal row: How Queen scolded Prince Philip at Sandringham – 'So cruel!'


The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been married for more than 72 years. Their unbreakable bond has withstood life’s tempests and has seen Elizabeth transform from Princess to Queen. The two are said to be very comfortable in each other’s company and it is not unknown for the Queen to tell the Duke of Edinburgh to “shut up”.

Royal author Susan Crossland, who accompanied Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh during their 1976 tour to the US, claimed the Queen would often ask her husband to be silent due to her frustration to something he was saying.

In 1992 BBC documentary “Elizabeth R”, newly-resurfaced footage shows the couple visiting the Sandringham Kennels where a group of gun dogs was being trained and the Queen can be heard comfortably telling her husband he was being “so cruel”.

Instead of returning to the owner who was training him, a cheeky labrador retriever is seen picking up his dummy and heading towards the Duke of Edinburgh.

After the Queen bursts into a cheerful laugh, Philip is seen playing with the dog.

His wife is then heard scolding him: “It’s his dog, you see.

“So cruel.”

Someone next to the Queen tells her: “He will probably go back.”

British gun dogs are the best in the world, and Her Majesty has been a keen supporter from childhood.

She commandeered any available dog to find birds ad Balmoral, alert the vagaries of scent and wind.

It is also no secret that the Royal Family have long been dog lovers.

Under Queen Alexandra’s control, the Sandringham kennels sometimes housed a hundred dogs, the breeds including borzois, chow chows and pugs.

The Sandringham strain of labrador retriever was founded in 1911.

David Clark, MVO, Sandringham’s headkeeper, told The Field magazine about the Queen: “You see a lady wearing a headscarf with a load of dogs around her, and in a field of sporting people you wouldn’t pick Her Majesty out.

“The great thing is animals understand her as well.

“That’s why she’s an amazing dog handler.”


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