Royal Heartbreak: Prince William gives heartfelt advice on mental health ‘I’m struggling'


Prince William has outlined his hopes to raise awareness of men’s mental health by having the FA Cup renamed the Heads Up FA Cup. During the season long campaign, the royal most recently spoke out about mental health in a discussion with Aston Villa midfielder John McGinn.

The Duke of Cambridge has long been working to encourage more people to discuss their mental health under the banner of the FA driven “Heads Up” campaign.

In a discussion with Aston Villa’s John McGinn, William explained how he wanted to tackle the subject within the footballing community.

The Duke admitted that we all need to ’speak more openly’ about the issue.

Speaking in the Sky Sports video, the prince said: “I think we have to get that full spectrum of fan.

“I think it’s also about getting role models within football to speak out so it gives permission and approval to those fans to say ‘My heroes, they are talking about it.

“They are great role models I can do that too.’”

The Duke of Cambridge went on to say he hopes this will help men to go to their loved ones and admit when they are struggling.

He said he hopes fans can say: “‘I can go to my teacher, my family my friends and say I’m not feeling so good today I’m struggling with this or this happened at work or at home.’

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The royal went on to admit “we all want to go to the gym we want to stay fit well why don’t we do the same with our heads.”

The clip was uploaded to the kensingtonroyal account under the hashtag #KickOffAConversation.

Royalists were quick to comment on the clip, praising the Duke for his “inspiring” message.

One user wrote: “What a great message given by a wonderful, well-spoken young man who will make a perfect King. Bless you William.”

“William is such a role model & example of a genuine human doing good for others!!!! It’s his time to shine” added another.

A third commented: “Inspiring!”

The message comes after the the Prince appeared in a two minute film about mental health shown at FA Cup matches across England and Wales.

According to Sky, the film is a collaboration between Public Health England’s Every Mind Matters and mental health charity Heads Together.

Within the film, Prince William appeared to make his own sombre confession and admits that “we can all sometimes feel anxious or stressed”.

During the film, Prince William reveals: “In life, as in football, we all go through highs and lows.

“We can all sometimes feel anxious or stressed.

“At moments even the little things can seem a struggle.”


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