Royal BOMBSHELL: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry UNFOLLOW Kate and William on Instagram


The couple have also dropped every other royal account and they have vowed to never follow them again. In a shock move, Meghan and Harry decided to stop following each of their original 23 accounts and replaced them with 16 new ones on their Sussex Royal social media account. Axed accounts included the Cambridges’, as well as the official Royal Family account and Princess Eugenie’s.

According to The Sun, it is to mark Mental Health Awareness Month in the US.

The topic remains close to Harry, William and Kate, who work together on their Heads Together campaign.

Writing on Instagram, Sussex Royal said: “Each month we will honour this same concept and change the accounts we solely follow based on a different theme or cause.

“Please go to our homepage and click ‘following’ to see each of the select accounts and find out more about their work.”

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The new accounts are linked to mental health.

Images depicting the accounts were added together in a moving montage, attached to the latest Sussex Royal post.

It added: “To pay tribute to all of the incredible work people across the globe are doing in this space, we are hoping to shine a light on several Instagram accounts that promote mental well-being, mental fitness, body positivity, self-care, and the importance of human connection – to not just hear each other, but to listen.

“There are countless organisations doing amazing work for mental health – please consider the accounts we’ve highlighted as a small snapshot of this global support network.”

Since going live, more than 113,000 have liked the post.

The couple are using the platform to stay relevant after experts claimed Meghan missed being able to post online.

Before becoming a member of the royal family Meghan would more frequently use social media to connect with fans.

So far, the account has posted 18 times and racked up 5.5million followers.


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