Roman Reigns: WWE megastar shares important advise for people battling leukaemia


Reigns shocked the WWE Universe last October when he revealed he was diagnosed with the horrible disease for the second time last October and relinquished the Universal Championship.

The Big Dog made a miraculous recovery just four months later as he returned to full-time action in WWE and even competed in a match at WrestleMania 35 against Drew McIntyre.

The four-time world champion has opened up about the difference his support system made during his cancer hell and advised people who are “drowning” just like he was to feel free to open up about their battle.

Reigns told the BBC: “When you’re drowning you want to reach out to people and a lot of times you can pull them down.

“You can be a hindrance to another person.

“But this is a different type of water.

“This is one of those places where, the more the merrier.

“The bigger the support system…

“I don’t think you can ever have too much help.

“I don’t think your support system can be too great.

“I don’t think you can ever share your story too much.

“As long as it’s reaching out to someone, as long as it’s helping somebody, as long as it’s giving someone just a little tear of hope, as long as someone can read into what’s going on with you, and they can look at that and say, ‘Maybe I can make it too.’”

Reigns competed at Money in the Bank recently and destroyed SmackDown rival Elias in just 10 seconds.

The ex-WWE Champion is now set to battle Shane McMahon at WWE Super ShowDown on June 7 at the King Abdullah International Stadium in Saudi Arabia.


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