Rob Gronkowski leaves ENORMOUS dent on Super Bowl trophy after using it as a baseball bat


It has emerged the former New England Patriots tight end was responsible for leaving an enormous dent on the Patriots’ sixth Vince Lombardi trophy after using it as a baseball bat.

Video footage captured the moment Gronkowski ‘bunted’ a baseball pitch with the Super Bowl trophy, a decision that is now permanently visible for all to see.

It all happened when the Patriots were honoured for their recent achievement at a Major League Baseball game at Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox, earlier this month.

As Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was warming up with some pitches, Gronkowski lined up to pretend to hit it with the trophy, but his former teammates couldn’t believe he actually did it.

Patriots cornerback Jason McCourtney insisted the trophy is now “vintage” and not damaged after the incident in Boston.

“Some of the guys were going to throw out the first pitch, Julian Edelman was warming up and Gronkowski got him a pitch in,” McCourtney said.

“Gronk thought of a great idea, he’d play around and get a swing in.

“As he’s lined up, Jules is the pitcher.

“Gronk is standing there and I think we are all under the impression, I mean, no way is he going to swing the Lombardi Trophy.

“The trophy is special, not damaged, now it has become vintage.”

Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL at the young age of 29-year-old after playing nine years in the league.

Although arguably one of the most impactful tight ends to have ever played the game the future NFL Hall of Famer was plagued by injuries of the course of his career.

And Patriots defensive back Duran Harmon believes Gronkowski is the only person who could get away with damaging such an idolised trophy.

“A lot of interesting things happened,” Harmon said.

“We are thinking, he’s not going to swing the bat, he’s not going to do it.

“And literally at the last second, when #11 [Edelman] throws the ball we see #87[Gronkowski] go from a batting position to a bunt.

“If anybody could do it and get away with it, it would be Mr Gronkowski himself.

“He has now left an everlasting mark, so that people will never forget he was part of that championship team.”

Gronkowski hung up his cleats having made 521 receptions for 7,861 yards and scored 79 touchdowns.

He won three Super Bowls, made five Pro Bowl teams and dented one Lombardi Trophy.


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