Revealed: The awful relationship Diana had with surprising figure – 'We never spoke'


But a royal expert has revealed the one relationship that proved to be just as troublesome for Diana.  Following her engagement to Charles, Diana became one of the most recognisable faces in the world. Diana would also go on to have a very close relationship with her two young sons, Princes William and Harry.

However, during her own childhood, Diana experienced a very strained relationship with her own mother.

Writing in her book, The Queen & Di: The Untold Story, Ingrid Seward revealed how Diana never spoke to her mother and even admitted to the expert that she “told her nothing”.

Recalling a conversation she had with Diana not long before her tragic and untimely passing, Ms Seward revealed how Diana clearly had a broken relationship with her mother, Frances Shand Kydd.

She added: “I asked, ‘what does your mother think about the way your life is going?’

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“Without preamble or warning, Diana’s demeanour changed and she almost shouted back: ‘I don’t tell her anything – ever’”

In shock, Ms Seward referenced how even after a period of time, any mention of her mother would draw a similar reaction.

The two had at times bonded during a shopping trip they took together, but despite that, Diana never repaired the relationship she had with her mother.

Ms Seward, concluded: “She never made it up with her mother and did not speak to her at all in the last month of her own life.

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“A friend of Mrs Shand Kydd observed, ‘Their relationship was based on love but love and hate run very close together’.”

Away from her relationship with her mother, Diana once revealed what a policeman said to her the night before her engagement.

In a series of tapes which illustrated her life as a royal, Diana revealed to biographer, Andrew Norton what she was told the night before her engagement which broke her heart.

She said: “I had left my flat for the last time.

“Suddenly I had a policeman and the night before the engagement he said to me: ‘I just want you to know that this is your last night of freedom ever in the rest of your life, so make the most of it.’

“It was like a sword went into my heart.”


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