Remain alliance 'cancelling itself out' as angry candidates refuse to stand down


BBC Brussels Correspondent Adam Fleming made the claim on Brexitcast as he revealed that one candidate was so “annoyed” at the request to stand down that he will now run as an independent. Mr Fleming did not specify which party the candidate belonged to but claimed the news suggested the Remain Alliance was already “cancelling itself out” in some areas. He said: “It’s gone a bit wrong already because I heard one candidate saying he’s so annoyed he’s been told to not stand, he’s going to stand as an independent.

“So that’s one seat where basically this whole process cancelled itself out already.

“Or maybe not, who knows.”

Echoing Mr Fleming’s comments, BBC Whitehall Correspondent Chris Mason claimed that despite their optimistic predictions, the Remain Alliance might actually fail to make any difference at all in the seats they are targeting. 

He said: “I was struck by two things with this story. One is the number of seats they’ve managed to agree to stand someone down – and there might have been a long-standing local candidate from a party who now has been told he can’t stand.

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“And yet, when you look at the numbers in terms of, for instance, how many votes the Greens got in a particular seat and whether they’ll let the Lib Dems have a clear run, the numbers are often pretty small.

“And last time around – and, of course, this time might be different – in none of those seats would it actually have changed the results.

“It might have changed the maths a little bit and in some of them, there was a pact and arrangements already in place.

“But it wouldn’t actually have made any difference. So it generates headlines and it’s intriguing but it may have no consequence at all combining them.”

The pact means two of the parties will agree not to field a candidate in Wales, boosting the third candidate’s chances of picking up the Remain vote.

In England, it will simply be a two-way agreement between the Lib Dems and the Greens.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said: “We are delighted that an agreement has been reached.

“This is a significant moment for all people who want to support Remain candidates across the country.”

The pact follows a similar deal earlier this year in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, when Plaid Cymru and the Greens agreed not to put forward a candidate but instead gave way to the Lib Dems’ Jane Dodds.

She went on to defeat the Conservative incumbent, Chris Davies.


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