Queen beams in blue as she welcomes Grenfell Tower heroes to St James's Palace


The monarch stepped out in a bright blue floral dress and matching coat for the event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Cruse Bereavement Care. The charity is the largest group in the UK to assist people suffering from grief and has dozens of branches across the country. The 93-year-old was snapped greeting Marion Wilson who volunteers with a team in Hull and East Riding.

She was one of several trained specialists who supported the families of some of the 71 residents who perished in the June 2018 West London blaze.

The charity is among the many groups which the Queen is patron of.

Cruse offers free support, advice and information for bereaved adults, young adults and children.


The head-of-state pinned a Nizam of Hyderabad diamond rose brooch to her buttoned up coat by Angela Kelly.

Guests she chatted with included those who provided bereavement support to those affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US.

Julie Ellison, who trained volunteers after the Grenfell Tower fire, said the Queen asked her about her involvement in major disasters.

The retired police officer told the Press Association: “She always brings an amazing aura with her.

“People who are grieving appreciate her presence.”

Fellow volunteer Yolanda Clarke of Manchester got involved with Cruse after her parents and brother passed away.

Following her meeting with the head of the royal family, Ms Clarke said the Queen’s fragrance brought back memories of her late mother.

She said: “The first thing I thought of was that she smelt like my mum, and my mum is why I got into this charity.

“It was such a proud moment.”

Cruse Bereavement Care life president Colin Murray Parkes, 91, said he reminded the Queen of their previous meeting during the charity’s 25th anniversary celebration.

“I said she was the most important volunteer we had, and she smiled,” he said.

“She said time passes very quickly.”

Mr Murray Parkes helped set up a programme to support families from the UK whose loved ones were killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks.


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