Prince Philip heartbreak: The massive blow Megxit dealt Prince Harry's grandfather Philip


Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told “To take away military appointments from Harry, who has served in Afghanistan twice, emphasises that the Queen feels he has let down the monarchy.

“The royal family was already reeling from the crisis with Andrew, when Harry releasing a statement without telling senior royals who had, apparently, been involved in discussions on this for months.”

Mr Fitzwilliams claims the Queen’s message which accompanied Buckingham Palace’s statement outlining the terms of Prince Harry and Megan’s withdrawal  shows “who is in control.”

He said: In this statement, the Queen shows who is in control.

“It also underlines the fact that there is no half-way house when you are a working royal.

“Harry and Meghan won’t use their titles or perform royal duties but over and above the line drawn here, the Queen is showing her displeasure at the way they have behaved despite her emollient words which are so supportive.”


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