Peter Pan bus driver accused of locking woman inside baggage compartment


A Peter Pan bus driver locked a Boston-bound passenger inside a baggage compartment — forcing the trapped traveler to call 911 to get out, authorities said.

Driver Wendy Helena Alberty, 49, was apprehended Sunday on a bus in Wilmington, Conn., after her victim called the cops while still in the compartment, news station WBZ-TV reported.

The unharmed rider climbed out and told police that “she had been purposely locked inside by a female driver while attempting to retrieve items from her bag,” authorities said.

When the bus was pulled over, Alberty wasn’t driving but was aboard the bus, officials said.

She was charged with breach of peace, reckless endangerment and unlawful restraint, according to cops. She’s being held on $2,000 bail and set to appear in court Aug. 21.

The bus company didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.


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