Peaky Blinders season 5: Tommy Shelby to face devastating loss as son Charlie dies?


Troubled gangster and now MP Tommy (played by Cillian Murphy) has already suffered almighty loss in his life since Peaky Blinders first premiered five seasons ago.

After losing the love of his life Grace Shelby (Annabelle Wallis), the Birmingham boss was then faced with a horrific war against the Italian Changretta family in season four.

John Shelby (Joe Cole) got caught in the crossfire and the Shelbys grieved the beloved character, but eventually the loss brought them closer together.

In the explosive new trailer for the BBC period drama, eager fans got a taste of what’s to come for Tommy and the rest of the family in season five, and many are worried about young Charlie – Tommy and Grace’s son.

After carefully studying the clip, eagle-eyed viewers spotted one scene which seemed to indicate Tommy was standing over a grave.

His face was angled down to the ground and he clutched his daughter Ruby close to him in the trailer, but the camera was placed so that it’s impossible to see what the pair are intently staring at.

Charlie is nowhere to be seen, so could the father and daughter be saying goodbye to the loveable little boy?

What’s more, Tommy is later seen sitting on a Birmingham street corner and cradling a mystery child. Has the unthinkable happened?

Adding fuel to the fire even more, Ada Shelby (Sophie Rundle) appears utterly distraught in the new video, so there’s every possibility she could be grieving another member of her family.

Taking to Twitter to discuss the possibility, fans predicted what’s to come.

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“Does it look to anyone else that little Charlie won’t be alive at the end of this season?” one person asked.

Another wrote: “Oh I’m scared for Charlie!”

Others were so excited by the return of the series, with one posting: “Finally! Thank you for this trailer! SHELBY Family is going strong! Look at Tommy, I just wanna give him a hug. Plus prince charming Sam Claflin in it, I can’t find a reason not to watch this season, so looking forward! Please release on August!”

“I can’t wait another day more to see the f*****g Peaky Blinders!” another exclaimed.

A third begged: “Dont kill Tommy. Please!”

Despite fans’ fears, creator Steven Knight assured and other media all of the main Shelby players would survive until the end of the series.

“Looking forward to seasons five, six and seven, are Polly [Gray], Arthur, Ayda and Tommy all gonna make it to the end?” a fan queried.

Leaning forward into the microphone dramatically, Steven simply replied: “Yes.”

“Oh my agent is here!” Helen McCrory then chimed in to joke. “Thank you kind sir. Steve?”

The writer simply reiterated his earlier confirmation, but Helen warned: “He’s not going to tell you, is he?”

Peaky Blinders season five premiere on BBC One on Sunday August 25 at 9pm.


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