Oman incident: Explosions heard on two oil tankers with reports of fire


Huge explosions have been reported in the Gulf of Oman – with initial reports suggesting the blasts could have been caused deliberately.

It comes amid heightened tension between the US and Iran following an attack on four vessels in the Emirati coast a month ago.

According to Pakistani media, the tankers – said to be carrying crude oil – had sent distress signals.

On May 12, four oil tankers were targeted off the coast in Fujairah in what has been described as an act of sabotage.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, which is part of the UK Royal Navy, said on
Thursday that it was aware of an incident in the Gulf of Oman, near the Iranian coast.

“The UK and its partners are currently investigating,” it said.

The two oil tankers were reportedly targeted this morning

White House national security adviser John Bolton (centre) pointed the finger of blame at Iran following last month’s attack

Al Alam TV station in Iran reports that “successive explosions” took place 25 miles off the Iranian coast.

The US blamed Iran for the Fujairah attack last month, with US National Security Adviser John Bolton stating: “It’s clear that Iran is behind the Fujairah attack.

“Who else would you think would be doing it? Someone from Nepal?”

And State Secretary Mike Pompeo said the attack had been carried out to raise the global price of oil.

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