Novak Djokovic reveals what other players are saying about Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal


The Serbian has praised the duo for the immediate influence his rivals have had.

It has been a turbulent year politically for men’s tennis with Djokovic even considering joining a mass player council exodus back in June.

But he has been encouraged with the changes since Nadal and Federer have returned to the council.

Djokovic has also revealed that other players are very positive about the two legends having their say.

Djokovic said at Flushing Meadows: “The impact is already great because they are the legends of our sport and two big names joining the council.

“There’s already been a big impact on the rest of the players in the council, of course the larger group of tennis players in general, knowing that these two guys are willing to contribute, to come in to help out, to support, to participate in discussions and some decision-making.

“It was interesting. It has never happened that you have one, two, and three of the world in [a] council group that is [a] group of 10 players. So, all I hear from other players is positive comments about it.

“And it went well. They were very engaged. So, I’m looking forward to working with them.”

Djokovic then revealed it was a much shorter meeting with Federer and Nadal included.

Asked if it was not another seven-hour meeting, he added: “It wasn’t and actually, that’s why it was very surprising, to be honest.

“Because the last two before last night, the last two meetings we had were six and seven hours.

“And this [on Friday] was two, two hours 15 minutes. Because it was well prepared prior to the meeting, and we still didn’t go through a full agenda. Of course, that’s what happens most of the time.

“It’s good that we at least are doing also work prior to sitting down so we could have a more efficient meeting.”

The US Open starts tomorrow as Djokovic looks to retain his crown.

The 32-year-old faces Roberto Carballes Baena in the first round at Flushing Meadows.


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