Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party stuns supporters with ‘very clever’ ballot box ‘trick’


And on the voting slip it appears to guide voters to the box where Brexit Party supporters would draw a cross. Designer Ben Terrett describes it as a “very clever piece of graphic design”. Mr Terret posted a picture of the ballot paper on his Instagram page and told followers: “I just voted in the Euro elections (postal) and here’s a thing: It’s a massive arrow pointing at the box where you mark your X with the word BREXIT written in big font.

“That’s going to get a lot of Xs. A helluva lot of Xs. They are a single issue, probably single election party, and this is a very clever piece of graphic design.”

Mr Farage has announced the Brexit Party has passed 100,000 registered supporters in five weeks.

Members paid £25 each to sign up, raising £2.5 million for the former UKIP leader’s new political group.

The party is riding high in the polls a week before the European elections as traditional Conservative and Labour voters switch their support to Mr Farage.

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Mr Farage thanked members and said it was “the most amazing grassroots support that’s ever been seen in this period of time in British politics.”

In a video posted on Twitter he said: “Now we’ve got about a week to go until polling day.

“If we keep going at this rate, we’ll be bigger than the Conservative Party.”

The UK will take part in European elections on May 23.

Latest opinion polls suggest the Brexit Party will win the most votes with the Conservatives potentially pushed into fourth place behind Labour and the Lib Dems.

The election will also be the first test for Change UK, the anti-Brexit party formed by a breakaway from of Labour and Conservative MPs.


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