Nicola Sturgeon savaged in FMQs as MSP rages: 'When will we get answers?'


Nicola Sturgeon faced a grilling in First Ministers Questions following a report 26 infections had affected 14 children at the Sick Children’s hospital in 2017. Jackson Carlaw questioned if the Health Secretary has read a report and whether any action has been taken as a result. Ms Sturgeon explained the clinically-led report is collecting further data from 2015 and it is being investigated appropriately.

Speaking in Scottish Parliament, Mr Carlaw said: “Last week I said this issue is about trust, parents and patients are waiting for answers and need some clarity from the Government on exactly what has happened at the hospital.

“The priority has been to be providing the truth to the families who as we’ve learned in recent week have only discovered the facts thanks to whistleblowers and leaks to newspapers.

“The First Minister and the Health Secretary are still asking for tim to answer some of the key questions which remain unanswered.

“I appreciate that she has instructed the oversight board to report but how much will patients and parents have to wait?

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“When will these answers be available?

“The Government has now put itself in charge so when will the First Minister and her Health Secretary be able to respond.”

Ms Sturgeon said: “Firstly I absolutely understand that parents in particular but the wider public as well want answers to any reasonable or legitimate question that there is here.

“I want that too but it is important that the information that’s provided is robust information which has been properly investigated.

Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon could “cheat” a second referendum in the forthcoming election according to Dominic Cummings.

The senior adviser to Boris Johnson wrote a “bat signal” open letter to Brexit voters on his blog, in which he warned of attempts to “rig” a second referendum.

He also revealed the election is much closer than it seems, despite polls evidence to the contrary.

Writing on his personal blog, Mr Cummings said he expects an alliance between the two parties, which see strong support among remain voters, as there is a “very real possibility of a hung parliament”.


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