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New York Governor Announces Huge First Step In The Slow Return To Sports In The United States

The United States has become the epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic in recent months. This has seen a large majority of deaths as well as confirmed cases continuing to rise with states such as New York being some of the worst affected. But as the cases continue to dwindle in some parts of the country many are wondering what a return to normalcy will be. In this article, we will be looking into the return of the MLB and other sporting associations as Governor gives the go-ahead to continue sports training in New York.

Postponement Of Sport

2020 thus far has been a terrible year for sports and live events as the Coronavirus pandemic has caused the postponement of sport. With lockdown measures leading to the postponement and even cancellations of several leagues, sport has been put on hold. As a result, this has led to a majority of the worlds best sportsman’s training from the comfort of their own homes. However, with a majority of the world’s population now passing the peak of the virus, some sports have slowly begun to return behind closed doors.

The Ongoing Dispute In The MLB

With several sports around the world returning in some countries around the world, it is the NBL that are experiencing the most trouble at this time as ongoing disputes between unions and CEOs make the resumption of the league a long way off. These deep routed disputes have made headlines in the last few months as the MBL higher-ups continue to be the first to return to sport. As a result, this has meant that major teams such as the Yankees have chosen to continue their training in June from their training ground in Florida. This is a promising sign for bets and legal online gambling as well as deals for marketing in an industry that has struggled from financial losses during this pandemic.

Though there have been some steps made to begin the resumption of the season, there are several major league teams that have said that a return to the sport will not be achievable until they are given the go-ahead by sporting officials and other medical professions. This, therefore, means that many steps need to be taken at this time to ensure sport can resume safely in 2020.

Announcement From The Governor Of New York

With this in mind, a statement from Andrew Cuomo has stated that sporting teams can begin to train within their grounds in the state. In his statement, Cuomo said the following: “Starting today, New York Professional Sports leagues will be able to begin training camps in the state while following appropriate health protocols.”

This, therefore, means that with social distancing measures in place, each sporting team can begin training for the resumption of the league. However, with many still questioning just how safe the return to sports will be within the state that has been devastated by the virus, there are many wondering just how safe a return to sport in the state of New York will be at this unprecedented time.

The Continuation Of Training Camps

As talk of the season resuming continues one of the biggest teams in the MLB the New York Yankees are beginning their training in the safe haven of Florida. With plenty of space to train as well as the number of cases significantly lower here, this is looking like the likely training ground for the world-famous team for the time being. However, with these recent announcements of changes to lockdown measures in the state, could we see the world-famous team return to New York For their training in the future?

Ongoing Dispute Between The Leading Teams

As talks of the league continue to rumble on, there are many wondering whether or not they will be able to return. With ongoing financial struggles and disputes between teams, the continuation of the league in the near future may not seem possible. However, with more and more teams taking steps to continue training, it will take ongoing negotiation and communication between unions to bring the league together for a starting date in the near future.

Whether you are a fan of the MLB or you are new to the sport before the season was postponed, we are sure that the return to sport will be better than ever before.

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