Michelle Obama reveals HEARTWARMING way her mother taught her to bring up daughter Malia


The former First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) is one of the world’s most recognisable and influential women and has recently recalled the impact mother Marian Robinson had on her life. In an essay for People, Barack Obama’s wife detailed a number of ways Marian would help her as she grew up. She said this helped guide her as she bought up her two children Malia, 20, and Sasha, 17.

Michelle claims Marian would let both her and brother Craig Robinson express themselves and ask questions regardless of what they were.

The ‘Becoming’ author said: “As I’ve grown older, I’ve seen how her manner in conversation also reflects her approach to parenting.

“Because when it came to raising her kids, my mom knew that her voice was less important than allowing me to use my own.

“That meant she listened a lot more than she lectured. Growing up, she was willing to endure endless questioning from me.”

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She added: “She and my father, Fraser, were wholly invested in their children, pouring a deep and durable foundation of goodness and honesty, of right and wrong, into my brother and me.

“After that, they simply let us be ourselves.”

Michelle is passing those messages on to her children to ensure they can be as inquisitive and questioning as she was.

She grew up in Chicago’s South Side and in the essay spoke of how that influenced her life.

Her comments come as she continues to push for young girls’ right across the world through her post-White House scheme The Global Girls Alliance.

The project aims to get girls to school in parts of the world where they currently do not.

The scheme was set up by Michelle and Barack as part of the Obama Foundation.

Michelle concluded: “It’s up to us, as mothers and mother-figures, to give the girls in our lives the kind of support that keeps their flame lit and lifts up their voices—not necessarily with our own words, but by letting them find the words themselves.”


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